A former Red Devils star believes the A?89 million midfielder is struggling to produce his best in England as he does not suit Jose Mourinho’s system

Paul Pogba is not suited to Jose Mourinhoa��s Manchester United and would be a�?a better playera�? at Manchester City or Tottenham, says Paul Ince.

Questions continue to be asked of an A?89 million addition at Old Trafford and his contribution to the collective cause.

There have been flashes of brilliance from the France international since returning to England in the summer of 2016, but they have been countered by all too frequent displays of inconsistency.

Pogba is now seeing his future called into question, following a recent benching, and Ince concedes that the 24-year-old is the wrong fit for a side which places more emphasis on defensive strength than free-flowing Premier League rivals.

The former United midfielder told Paddy Power: a�?Pogba has been made a scapegoat for the way the team are performing, when hea��s the one being played out of position. But he isna��t the only problem.

a�?If you put the Frenchman into Manchester Citya��s team, or even Tottenhama��s team, youa��ll see a better player.

a�?I dona��t believe that the way Jose Mourinho has United playing is suited to him.

a�?Alexis Sanchez looks as though hea��s trying to do everything at once, therea��s no connection between the players.

a�?When you look at Spurs, there are players who work together so well, like [Harry] Kane, [Christian] Eriksen, [Mousa] Dembele and Son [Heung-min].

a�?They link up together a�� but it all feels disjointed in theA�Manchester UnitedA�attack. They dona��t know how to play with each other.a�?

Paul Pogba better at City or Spurs Paul Ince

Ince added on the Pogba poser: a�?Leta��s get one thing straight. Pogba is not a defensive midfield player. But at the minute, he doesna��t fit in the team and the balance isna��t right.

a�?Ia��d go as far as to say that [Romelu] Lukaku, Sanchez and Pogba all on the same pitch just isna��t working out at the minute.a�?

Gary Neville recently told Goal that Pogba cannot be considered to fill a a�?world-classa�? talent bracket at Old Trafford, and Ince has echoed those comments.

He said: a�?David De Gea is the only world class player at Manchester United a�� Paul Pogba isna��t there yet. Him and Anthony Martial have the potential to be, but therea��s still some way to go.

a�?Fans of the club have an expectation of how they expect the team to play a�� and they just arena��t doing it at the minute.

a�?If United carry on playing the way they are, and forcing Pogba to play as a defensive player, youa��re going to get supporters turning against you.a�?

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