Are you looking at How much is the World Cup 2018 Tickets?A�well search no further we have made our diggings to bring you all prices of the Russia 2018 World CupA�according to their cats.

Ticket PricesA�The individual tickets are split up into four categories and the prices for each category – converted to British pounds from U.S. dollars – are shown below. Tickets from category four are only available to Russian residents, and have been converted from rubles.


Match Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3 Cat 4
Opening match A?432 A?306 A?173 A?43
Group matches A?165 A?130 A?83 A?17
Round of 16 A?193 A?145 A?90 A?30
Quarter-finals A?287 A?200 A?138 A?51
Semi-finals A?589 A?377 A?224 A?60
Third-place play-off A?287 A?200 A?138 A?51
Final A?864 A?558 A?358 A?94


Most tickets will be sold in advance online, but ‘last-minute’ tickets for games that have not already sold out will also be available to buy during the tournament at sales centres in Russia.

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