Fred wants Premier League move

Fred wants Premier League move

Sky Sports have reported that Shakhtar Donetska��s Fred wants to play in the Premier League, naming his advisor Gilberto, former Arsenal player, as the source.

Fred has been linked with a move to Manchester City, and reportedly was Pep Guardiolaa��s target in January, but the move fell through. Gilberto has confirmed there has been interest from Englanda��s top flight, and he has named it as the a�?primary targeta�? for Fred, and has given the reason for him remaining in Ukraine so far a�� Shakhtar have been depending on him too much to be willing to let him go.

At Manchester City, the 25-year-old midfielder would potentially be seen as a long-term replacement for his 32-year-old fellow Brazilian Fernandinho. However, Manchester United are also looking a replacement for Michael Carrick who is set to retire at the end of the season, Arsenal are preparing for the possibility of Jack Wilshere leaving the club, while Liverpool are likely to need someone to fill the role of Emre Can.

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