The Falconets of Nigeria have been placed in Pot 2 for the France 2018 U-20 Womena��s World Cup draw.

The pots were announced by FIFA on their official website on Tuesday

According to FIFA teams all qualified teams are allocated to four pots (four teams) based on their past sporting performance, with the strongest teams and the hosts in Pot 1.

The ranking used to build the pot is based on total points obtained in the last five U-20 Womena��s World Cups.

As it is Nigeria will be drawn against one team each from Pot 1, Pot 3 and Pot 4.

The final draw will take place at Rennes Opera House, France on March 8.

France U20 Women World Cup Pots:

Pot 1: France, Germany, Korea DPR and Japan.

Pot 2: USA, Nigeria, Mexico and New Zealand.

Pot 3: Brazil, Spain, Ghana and China PR.

Pot 4: England, Paraguay, Haiti and Netherlands.

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